Open Mind – Editing and Revisions

I have heard that there are writers that refuse to do edits or revisions for editors. Which actually confuses me somewhat. Don’t you want to be published?

I’m the type of writer that would redo the entire article/story so that I could fit into a publication. Open mindedness is my way. I have not yet had an editor want my to make changes that I didn’t agree made my piece better. One place, I went through two or three revisions before I was accepted. I still loved the story!

When you are closed off to considerating the possiblities of what your work could be with a few changes you sometimes shut doors to getting your work published.

Don’t get me wrong though, if they want to completely tear it apart and make it into something completely different, then by all mean stick to your guns if you feel wronged. I just haven’t seen or heard of anyone having that kind of experience with any publication they’ve been in.

Keep an open mind, make a couple changes every now and again, and who knows, you might be surprised and even please with the end result.

Note: When you get a rejection and they say they liked the story/article, don’t be affraid to ask an editor if they would consider it again with some revision. I have gotten in that way. Just don’t do it with form letter rejections. The only ones I’ve done it with are places that gave me personal comments.



© Rebecca Besser, 2010. All rights reserved.

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