Interview with Author and Man of Snakebite Horror Mark Goddard

Bec: Welcome to my blog, please start out by sharing a little bit about yourself –

Thank you for having me. Well, my name is Mark and I am horror addict from the UK. I am the creator of the review site Snakebite Horror who also writes here and there. I have a short out in the anthology 31 NIGHTS OF HALLOWEEN and I am the co-author of THE HORROR FILM QUIZ BOOK


Bec: What first got you interested in writing?

I have always loved reading in my younger years. I remember the fear and excitement of reading Goosebumps and Point Horror, but what got me interested the most was a story my older brother wrote for one of his school projects. The stories was about a group of commandos very much in the style of a command and conquer game. I stole the idea and made my own story based on it. From that I evolved the story every other year when something took my interest till the TV Show angel took the whole thing to where it is now in my upcoming vampire series.


Bec: What are the worst struggles you think writers face, writing and marketing?

There is a lot of struggles out there. Main stream publishers are always hard to please and with bookshops in the UK lacking in the horror department it is harder for new fans for the genre to find great fiction.


Bec: Tell us about your book/s –

My first book was THE HORROR FILM QUIZ BOOK which I co-Wrote with Chris Cowlin. I was running events at my local bookshop at the time and it was originally just a brainstorm idea while chatting with Chris. I am a huge horror film fan so it was a blast to be able to do the book.

A sneak peek of what lies within:

1. Which character was played by Jamie Lee Curtis?
2. In which year was the first film released – 1977, 1978 or 1979?
3. Who directed the first film?
4. What was the subtitle of Halloween 4?
5. What was the name of Michael Myers’ sister, who was brutally stabbed to death?
6. In which year did Halloween III: Season of the Witch released?
7. Who shots Michael Myers six times at the end of the first film?
8. In which year was a remake of the original film made?
9. Why is Hallowell III different to all the others?
10. What relation is Laurie to Michael Myers?




11. To call forth the candyman you must say his name how many times – 3, 5, 7?
12. Candyman is based on a short story by which horror writer?
13. The cause of Candyman’s death was being stung to death by which kind of insect?
14. What does Candyman have instead of a right hand?
15. What is the name of the actress who played Helen Lyle?
16. How did Candyman enter Helen’s apartment?
17. Helen decided to write a thesis on which subject?
18. Who is Helen accused on murdering?
19. Candyman spawned a series of sequels, but what was the name of the second film?
20. Which actor played Candyman?




21. Who was Blade’s mentor and weaponsmith?
22. True or false: The song “Rattle the Fear” by Spirit Fire Child was in Blade?
23. In which year Blade first released – 1997, 1998 or 1999?
24. Which doctor was Karen’s ex-boyfriend?
25. In which country was this film made?
26. Who directed Blade?
27. What was the full title of the third Blade film?
28. What colour is the writing of the word ‘Blade’ on the movie poster?
29. Which actor plays Blade, a half-vampire “daywalker” who hunts vampires?
30. In Blade II where does Blade return to in order to settle an old score with a vampire flunky?


My short story THE LICKED HAND appears in the anthology 31 NIGHTS OF HALLOWEEN. It is based on an urban legend of a similar name but I made it a bit more gory.

An excerpt from The Licked Hand:

This time the dripping sounded closer, like the water was hitting wood. She looked up towards to roof. “Ah for god sake the roof can’t be leaking” she complained out loud. She got out of bed and walked out onto the landing. The dripping continued, but it seemed like it coming from behind her. She headed back into the bedroom, stopped still and listened. The noise was coming from the wardrobe. Cautiously she walked towards it, her hand clammy, sweat formed on the forehead. She opened the door and screamed…


Bec: Are you working on a sequel/s?

I would love to do a follow up quiz book however there are no plans from the publisher for a second one however is someone was to approach me about doing it by all means I would jump at the chance.


Bec: What other projects are you working on or involved with?

Got several ideas floating about. I am working on the first book in my vampire series SCAR OF THE REAPER, a haunted house novella and I am making THE LICKED HAND into a novella.


Bec: Elevator or stairs?

Elevator. I am a lazy bastard at the best of times


Bec: What’s your favorite color?

Black or White depends on the time of year.


Bec: Do you like to listen to music while you write or have complete silence?

Depends on the story. Most of the time I listen to film soundtracks on my Spotify account other times classical music or rock and metal.


Bec: If a dragon was attacking your hometown, what would you do?

Run like hell.


Bec: If you were going to be murdered, would you want it to happen in the daytime, or the nighttime?

Night time. The best murders always happen at night, right?


Bec: What genres do you most like to read/write?

Horror is my tipple of choice and a damn fine genre it is, although I would like to do a bittersweet drama romance novel for some reason.


Bec: If someone was going to shove an animal down your pants, would you prefer it to be a squirrel, a rat, or a weasel?

If I HAD to choose, it would say Weasel as I doubt it would bite as much.


Bec: Do you find writing a lonely profession?

It can be a very lonely profession. We spend unknown amounts of time in a dark room typing away from any form of human light which is fine by me.


Bec: What would you share with a beginning writer?

You will always think your writing sucks, but, trust me, it isn’t as bad as you think it is. Also take bad reviews in your stride, there are some nasty people out there who are too far up their own arses to see a good story.


Bec: There’s a pack of wild dogs in your front yard, and you have to go to work… How would you distract them so you could get to your car?

I would call in sick, no way I’m going out there.


Bec: What do you wish someone would have told you when you first started your writing journey?

Wow! I’m not really sure tbh. I was given so much advice from the authors I met during the events at the bookshop from the likes of ANDY BRIGGS and even the horror master GRAHAM MASTERTON.


Bec: Hot or cold?

Cold. It is easier to wrap up warm then to cool down.


Bec: Do you think having other writers as friend is a good thing for your growth as a writer?

Definitely, it is always great to talk writing with other people in your field. It is also the best way to get advice and learn from your elders. haha


Bec: What’s your favorite book? Why?

AHH! So many! I will have to pick the book that changed my view of the horror genre forever, THE GIRL NEXT DOOR by Jack Ketchum. When I started my career as a bookseller I wasn’t clued up to the more hardcore horror fiction out on the market and it was the horror buyer who passed me this book and said, “Dude, this is real horror”. The book left me feeling cold in the same way the film Martyrs made me feel a year or so later. Goes to show also why Jack Ketchum is the best there is.


Bec: Who’s your favorite author? Why?

As above: Jack Ketchum. His story telling is out of this world and with I have failed to find a book of his I didn’t enjoy. From OFFSEASON to LADIES NIGHT to my favourite THE GIRL NEXT DOOR all his books show us readers and future writers where horror should be.


Bec: Is there anything you would like to share that I haven’t asked you about?

I think you covered everything. I will say check out and buy a copy of THE HORROR FILM QUIZ BOOK just as a shameless plug.


Bec: Thank you for stopping by and sharing! Best of luck with your book and future projects!

Thank you for having me. Love the blog.


  ©Rebecca Besser & Mark Goddard, 2012. All rights reserved.


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