Interview with Author Armand Rosamilia

Bec: Welcome to my blog, please start out by sharing a little bit about yourself –

I’m six foot tall, nearly three hundred pounds of molten sex appeal, and never met an M&M I didn’t eat. Oh, and I write stories.

Bec: What first got you interested in writing?

Reading. My mother was a voracious horror paperback reader in the 70’s and 80’s and I’d be on my parent’s bed, pulling books from her massive bookshelves, all summer long. I was also punished for being so bad, so that helped as well.

Bec: What are the worst struggles you think writers face, writing and marketing?

Breaking away from the pack. I write (generally) in a small niche subgenre of horror, zombie. Yet, search Amazon for zombie books and thousands pop up. The struggle is getting readers (the hardcore zombie readers and the casual zombie reader) to see your book in that list of page after page. I’m trying anything and seeing what works and doesn’t work, and word of mouth and good reviews are helping me build a readership one person at a time.

Bec: Tell us about your book/s –

I have over 40 releases so far, and plan on adding as many as I can before the world ends in December. My Dying Days 2 is my latest zombie novella, and I’m very proud of it. It continues the survival of Darlene Bobich, but also introduces some new characters that readers are enjoying. The challenge is to keep it fresh, and I’ve added some twists, some real characters, and some other surprises, and hope people will keep reading them.

Bec: Are you working on a sequel/s?

As we speak. Still Dying: Select Scenes From Dying Days focuses on several new characters from Dying Days 2 in prequel stories, as well as a few new ones. It will be 13 stories in all, showcasing 13 very different people. I’ll also be doing Dying Days: Origins featuring Tosha Shorb, one of the characters from Dying Days 2 that readers absolutely loved.

Bec: What other projects are you working on or involved with?

Look for Undead Tales 2 zombie anthology in the next week or so. I’m also a publisher (Rymfire Books) and have several releases coming, like continuing the State of Horror series (eight books out so far!), and releasing my first novella from another author, the great Slash of Crimson from Carl R. Moore, coming out soon.

Bec: If the Zpoc happened in the middle of the night and you didn’t know about it ’til all your friends and family were dead (or zombified) what would your course of action be?

Not if, when. I have a machete in the garage I’d go get, then drive over to Walmart and grab every bag of M&M’s. I don’t think I’d be much of a survivor, too lazy, and I only eat certain things. I’d hope to overdose on candy before I get bitten.

Bec: What’s your favorite color?

Green. Yours?

Bec: Black, dark blue, or dark green.  I’m all about the dark colors.

Bec: If a genie was granting you three wishes… What would they be?

I guess you can’t ask for more wishes (I played Dungeons & Dragons as a kid, I know that rule). I’d ask to be comfortable financially as a writer (not super-rich, just rich enough to not worry about things), that my kids would be happy and live a long and comfortable life, and always have comfortable shoes.

Bec: Do you like to listen to music while you write or have complete silence?

It depends on my mood and who’s home. I’m writing the Dying Days: Origins novella today, and the lead Tosha Shorb listens to metal band Lizzy Borden, so I’m blasting a ton of their songs while I write. I love heavy metal (I’m 42, lived and loved 80’s metal), and Bruce Springsteen (I’m a Jersey boy, gotta love Bruce and Bon Jovi).

Bec: Camo or retro?

Retro. I think. I’m too old for these snazzy terms you kids use (you do still use snazzy, right?)

Bec: What genres do you most like to read/write?

Horror. I’m not really into serial killer, tons of blood and gore books, I like a frightening story or a tale where you don’t know what’s wrong with the guy/gal but you know it’s something. I also read plenty of non-fiction, music biographies, thrillers, and love finding new indie authors.

Bec: What’s your dream car/vehicle for the Zpoc?

Something big enough to carry me, weapons, and enough candy to get me by. Maybe a big pickup truck like Kenny Powers from Eastbound & Down would drive. I’d then take a tour of the US and see the tourist sights I never wanted to pay for. Where’s that Giant Ball of Yarn, anyway?

Bec: Do you find writing a lonely profession?

Yes. But I enjoy the solitude. I literally haven’t been past my mailbox in over a week, and I don’t care. I’m most happy when I’m writing. There’s also the online people I talk to daily, my substitution for making real friends, I guess.

Bec: Ice cream or popcicle?

I will occasionally have a chocolate ice cream with chocolate syrup and hot fudge covering it. I mostly eat anything chocolate, but being almost 300 pounds has nothing to do with that.

Bec: What would you share with a beginning writer?

Start writing and don’t stop. Work on multiple projects at once and keep going. There’s no such thing as writer’s block, only distractions and being lazy.

Bec: Sand or trees?

That’s a weird question. I like it. I live in Florida but hate the beach, so sand is out. Trees don’t excite me too much, they just sit there. This is a wash.

Bec: What do you wish someone would have told you when you first started your writing journey?

That everything you do from the early 1990’s until 2 years ago won’t matter in the grand scheme of things. It will be 20 years to hone your craft, not sell much, but get your writing chops down enough that the eBook explosion will be your friend. And I wish someone had told me to eat in moderation.

Bec: Do you think having other writers as friend is a good thing for your growth as a writer?

A tremendous help. A week doesn’t go by that I talk on the phone with a new writer, eager to pick my brain, or a veteran who I can get into their head. I think we’re all in this together, and I’ve met so many great publishers, writers and bloggers along the way. It creates a community and keeps you honest.

Bec: What’s your favorite book? Why?

Phantoms by Dean Koontz as a kid scared me because it is so eerie in the beginning. It’s the one book that’s stayed with me. The Rising by Brian Keene got me into zombie writing, so that hold a special place as well.

Bec: Who’s your favorite author? Why?

All-time is still probably Koontz, although his formula got old as I got older. I love so many writers: Keene, John Everson, Douglas Clegg, Scott Nicholson, Richard Layman… the list goes on and on. Plus, there are so many indie writers that I keep discovering as well.

Bec: Is there anything you would like to share that I haven’t asked you about?

My eyes (my best feature) are hazel, but they change to more blue at times. Other than that… nah. Does anything else really matter?

Bec: Thank you for stopping by and sharing! Best of luck with your book and future projects!

Thank you! Great interview and I love reading your blog every post!

Armand Rosamilia


©Rebecca Besser & Armand Rosamilia, 2012. All rights reserved.


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