Summer of Zombie Guest Post with Author Ian Woodhead

Author Ian Woodhead
Author Ian Woodhead


Guest post about Kingdoms of the Dead.

Oh boy, was this story a doozer! I can honestly say (Hand on heart) that Kingdoms of the Dead almost fried my brain during its construction, it certainly gave me a pounding headache on more that one occasion. Thing is, I thought the idea would slot together like a Meccano set, oh sure, it’s a complex tale, of course it is! Hell, you ain’t going to get ‘simple’ A to B story with three zombie infested parallel worlds, inhabited by the same (but different) characters, all jumping from one world to the other.

Meccano set? More like doing a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle, blindfolded.

I’m not really selling this book to you, am I? I’ll start again, this time, I’ll omit the whining.

So, the idea for this book sprang from just one question – Could any country profit from a mass zombie outbreak?

The UK wouldn’t, neither would any other western county. Everything we hold dear to us, would collapse in a few weeks. The following quote is from a BBC Docudrama called Threads, about the imminent threat of nuclear war. (It came out in 1984):

In an urban society, everything connects. Each person’s needs are fed by the skills of many others. Our lives are woven together in a fabric. But the connections that make society strong also make it vulnerable.

The same applies to our imaginary zombie outbreak. So how could any country come out on top after half their population die then rise up and munch on the remaining survivors? I couldn’t think of any, even our friends in North Korea, with their unique take on society would all end up dead.

I was about to throw that idea away, consign it to the bin of shit ideas when I happened to stare at one of my posters. It’s a Walking Dead one, where Rick is stood on an over turned bus with the prison in the background. I do believe I smiled when something clicked in my mind.

How about a walled off city, An oppressive, Orwellian government, always at war with their neighbours? A smaller contained society where everyone watches everybody else, cameras everywhere, with security, police and soldiers on every street corner? That could work.

That’s where the whole concept of using another, alternate world came from, as nothing like that exists on this planet now. I think we did away with our walled up cities a few hundred years ago, when our planet began to ‘urbanise’

How do our paranoid leaders profit from this catastrophe?  I added another twist to the zombie genre. You see, in our movies, TV, games books and comics, usually, when you dead, you rise again as a zombie, unless the brain is destroyed. Okay, well what if this outbreak was an airborne virus and it infected everyone and you’re going to turn no matter what?

Unless our ‘leaders’ somehow found a treatment, not a cure, just a method to temporarily halt the change.

Welcome to the city where every inhabitant is reliant on tablets, supplied by the authorities, that stop you from changing into one of the shambling dead.

That’s the idea I finished with, my little foundation in which I used to build my story. The first two bricks were where did the virus come from and why were the tablets beginning to fail?

It just snowballed after that and apart from the headaches and the dry writing spell once the book was in the bag, I am proud of this one. I enjoyed writing it and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as well.


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