Got a Book? – Want an Agent?

As you guys know, or should know by now, I take care of my writer folk and let them know if there’s information that will benefit them floating around out in the abyss of the internet. So, guess what?! I have some great information for those of you who are interested in getting an agent, like I am!

If you have a book – or book idea – that you’d like to see published by a traditional publisher (like Random House or Simon & Schuster), I have something special for you. I’ve talked to a former NY Times bestselling literary agent recently and he has a great website that you need to check out. His name is Mark Malatesta and he’s now an author consultant/book marketing coach.

It’s been nice chatting with Mark, getting to know him while gleaning from his insights (he has a lot of them). He’s a truly genuine, up front, and honest person and those are the people I adore most in this world. That’s why I’m going to be working with Mark 1-on-1 to pitch one of my books to agents. That’s also why I told Mark that I’d be happy to share his website with you. So he just set up a special webpage on his website for you at

When you click on the link above you’ll get instant access to Mark’s:

• Complete article library (tons of great information and it’s often entertaining – he’s HILARIOUS!)

• Audio/mp3 library (make sure you listen to his main mp3 about 7 insider secrets)

• Directory of Literary Agents (the best book agent directory anywhere)

• Webpage where you can ask questions about literary agents and publishing (make sure you post questions because Mark will be answering some of them right here on my blog – I’ll be asking Mark some questions as well).

Here’s the link again:

If you’re an author (or aspiring author) who wants to get a real publisher (they pay you instead of you paying them), make sure you go to Mark’s site. You have nothing to lose and a LOT of information to gain.


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