Lashing out VS Encouragement

People are human – an obvious fact. They tend to work more on emotions than on logic; it’s the nature of the beast, so to speak. This in turn leads to hurt feeling and tantrums. They come in a vast array of intensity and causes. But, two of the most prominent “lashing out” emotions are jealousy and anger. This is true for various aspects of life; I’m going to talk about the toll taken on creative people.

On social media there are rants posted every day by people who have had their feelings hurt, or are jealous as hell of anyone who has more talent, has more success, or is smarter, etc. All this does is make the person ranting look less credible and more like a petulant child than the intelligent voice of reason they seem to think they’re being. Ranting doesn’t get you anywhere. If you want to make your point, do it in a concise, informed, calm way. You can’t make others listen to your voice, especially when you’re yelling. That pushes people away and makes them close their minds.

I saw a link and comments posted in a group I’m in on Facebook today about someone discrediting and complaining about Indie Authors. I read the discussion on the posted link, but didn’t go to the blog and read it. Because, I feel, that’s exactly what the writer of the blog (who was an anonymous blogger) wants people to do. They want a witness for their tearing down of others in a blind rage. A rant against the masses that should be directed at a few. It was pointed out in the discussion that there were a few valid points in the blog post, but that they would get ignored because of the nature of the delivery. This makes my point exactly, which is why I bothered to mention it, even though I didn’t go read the blog post myself.

Side note: I feel that if you can’t write something openly and state your opinion using your name, especially when there’s no political danger or anything involved (only time it’s reasonable), then you’re wasting my time. If you can’t claim your own views and beliefs, I’m not interested in them at all.

I believe that if you have a point you should address it in an informed, helpful way. If you don’t think someone is doing something the right way, then do a post about how to do something the right way and lead people to that knowledge rather than lash out blindly and repel people. Encouragement to grow or expand what people know is going to get your point across and keep people coming back for more information. At that point, you have an opportunity to change the things that you dislike.

Don’t like how people edit or don’t edit? Do a post about the need for editing with information leading to where people can find a good and decent editor. Don’t like people’s cover art? Do a post explaining the value of catching the buyer’s eye and where people can go to get professional grade covers. Don’t like self-publishing? Post links to presses that are taking submissions.

Those are the posts and blogs people will follow and read, and will keep them coming back for more.

Creative people get enough tearing down from others in their everyday lives who are jealous of their gifts. Be honest, we all face it in one way or another from someone. Whether it’s a spouse or significant other that doesn’t give the needed encouragement and support or just random people who feel threatened because they don’t feel they measure up against you. They’re out there.

If you have talent, share your talent. If you have a point to make, do it by encouraging others to make a change and a difference. Don’t lash out like a two-year-old and discredit yourself.



©Rebecca Besser, 2013. All rights reserved.


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