Book Nerd Parties – Why Not?

Last night I was drinking rum and reading “The Red Empire,” by Joe McKinney, and every now and again giving my eyes a “wake up” break over on Facebook. I chatted with one of my friends on the thread of my status about “cracking open the rum and reading [said book above].”

I, at some point, responded: “It’s how book nerds party.” And that gave me a lovely idea for a new “book nerd” type party.

Why don’t us limited-social people (don’t want to say anti-social, because book people really aren’t, we’re just super selective) who love books, invite over their other “book nerd” friends, and read together while drinking?

I envision a group of people sitting quietly in a room, all super comfortable and drinking, reading books. Wouldn’t that be just divine?

You don’t even have to be reading the same books.

Yes, you could say this has been done with libraries and coffee shops, but they don’t allow alcohol. Besides, an invite only thing with your friends is way more appealing than tolerating random, rude strangers.

Hell, you could even schedule breaks, where you each talk about the book you’re reading and have intelligent discussions, if you wanted. It would ultimately depend on the group and their desires for interaction, or no interaction that interrupts their reading. At the very least, everyone could share about their books before they headed home. Imagine how many new books and genres you could awaken your friends to? Or be awakened to yourself? You could swap out books when you’ve both finished! This could even be a great new spin on book club groups! Who knows! It’s like a “nerd book mixer!” For fun, you could throw a box of random books in the middle of the room and everyone has to pick one out and read it until it’s over!

Anyway, I thought it would be fun and wanted to share the idea with you.

Who knows, I might have a reading/drinking party sometime in the future…if I can find enough locals who actually read. UGH!


©Rebecca Besser, 2014. All rights reserved.



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