Interview with Author Mark Taylor

Author Mark Taylor
Author Mark Taylor


Bec: Welcome to my blog! Please start by telling everyone all about you –

Mark: Thanks for having me! I’m an author from England, I’m crashing my way towards forty, and I like fried chicken. Pretty much me in a nutshell. I have a day job to pay the bills, and use my authorly rewards as pin money. I use 17th Century terminology. I say ‘dude’ too much. I act like a child when I want to. I like to poke around in grocery stores and try new foodstuffs. I like to act like a child in grocery stores. I once got barred from McDonalds.

Bec: Tell us about your most recent release(s) –

Mark: It’s been a busy year this year, actually. I’ve most recently released a short story collection of some of my previously released short stories. Things I’ve had in anthologies. It’s all horror. Everything from Christmas stories to deals with the devil. Not for the weak of heart.

Bec: Have you ever built a gingerbread house with a gingerbread family and made them act out horror scenes with you as a giant monster that bites their limbs off?

Mark: No. But I will now.

Bec: How do you plan to spend Christmas this year?

Mark: I’m working right up until Christmas, Christmas day with the family, and then they’re all coming over to ours for Boxing Day. I’m a real kid. I love Christmas. Soon after Christmas? Honeymoon, baby!

Bec: What’s the scariest gift you’ve ever given?

Mark: My family isn’t into scary like I am, so I tend to stay away from gift giving in that vein. But I get a lot of that sort of gift given to me. People buy me weird gore trophies all the time, and I keep them all in the loft. Scary place, my loft…

Bec: If the Devil had a hand-basket, what would he carry around in it?

Mark: The tattered dreams of dead children.

Bec: What parts of your body would be used to make the best snowman face?

Mark: I have creepily long fingers – I look like Nosferatu from a distance – so I have nose material there. Alternatively I could peel off my face skin and slide it over the cold, hard, ice like a balaclava. Or maybe all of my skin. Put it on the snowman like a bloody jumpsuit. It would be a bloody, hairy, jumpsuit. Or a bloody hairy jumpsuit. I also look like Chewbacca from a distance.

Bec: Are Christmas elves good or evil, and why?

Mark: In my short story You Better Not Cry they were good. They were good because the elves make toys and are generally benevolent. Santa, in this case, wasn’t. I’m not sharing what he did to those on the naughty list.

Bec: Is there anything you would like to share that I haven’t asked you about?




Mark: I’d like to share the links to Small Cuts, if I may. Buy my books! No, seriously. BUY MY BOOKS! Small Cuts to the Psyche contains You Better Not Cry. The only true way to know what happens is to read the book.

Bec: Thank you for being one of my interview victims! Have a great Christmas!


Find out how to stalk Mark Taylor below:

Mark Taylor’s debut novel, Shutter Speed, crash-landed on planet earth in 2013. Its dark brooding style benchmarked his writing and has led to further releases of novel and short story collection alike.

While most of Mark’s work is macabre, occasion has it that he will write about kittens and daisies. Just not very often.

Some say he is a product of his environment, others, a product of his own imagination.

Whichever it is he works happily, portraying dark existences on this planet and others. He relays his fears and doubts on his characters, so always has a smile. If Mark is real, as some say he is, you might find him in England.


You can always see what he is up to on his blogs: and or on Facebook:


©Rebecca Besser & Mark Taylor, 2014. All rights reserved.


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