Marketing – Build A Fan Base

Marketing – Build A Fan Base

By Rebecca Besser

Marketing is depressing. Most of the time authors work very hard at getting the word out about their books, yet there is no movement in sales. This leads to feeling like you’re talking to a brick wall, or are just invisible. Neither is really the case, we just want to see something for our efforts that might not come for a while.

How often do you go buy a book as soon as you hear about it? Not often, right? Unless it’s an author you’re familiar with (and love) and have been waiting for their new book to come out.

Books cost money, as does everything else in life. There are house payments/rent, utility bills, clothes, school, gas, groceries, etc. that people need to live. Those things come before books in the real world. There are few people who have a “book budget” – money set aside just to purchase books. But, most people have lists of books they want. Your book might make it to that list, but there might be twenty titles ahead of yours. They will probably buy your book when they can in a few months.

Ebooks make the cost of reading a little bit easier on the average person who enjoys reading. They can get more books faster, because it doesn’t cost them as much to acquire them. So, having a few cheap titles for sale as ebooks can help build your readership fan base, and that’s what we all really need to do.

See in paragraph two where I said about waiting eagerly for a new book to come out from an author you love? That’s what we all need to do. We need to become authors that are loved. We need to put out good books and build fan bases of people who will look forward to buying our titles when they come out.

No, building a fan base isn’t easier than any other type of marketing. Often, it’s harder, especially for indie authors. You have to spend time on social media, being active and “seen.” You have to talk to and respond to your fans and do giveaways, etc. Think of building a fan base as personal marketing. It won’t be about flashing links and covers at people. It will be sharing with people who have the same interests and hopefully building friendships that make people want to read your books because they connect to you on some level.

That’s how fan bases start. As time goes on and your fan base/readership grows, you might not have as much time for those personal connections, but they will have a major impact starting out. And if you do have time to spend with your fans when your name is bigger and you’re reaching more people, it will mean even more to people you take the time to talk to.

A word of caution… People don’t like people who are rude assholes, so don’t be one of those snobby authors who are dicks to your readers. That will lose you more than just that one reader you were rude to, it will lose you any possible new reader who saw it on social media, or heard about it from other people. You can easily lose fans, and potential fans, by having the wrong kind of attitude.

Become an author readers will love and create works they want to read. Be more than just a book pusher.


©Rebecca Besser, 2015. All rights reserved.

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