Undead Trending by Rebecca Besser

Undead Trending

By Rebecca Besser


Zombies are currently the most popular horror creature.  Why? That could be anyone’s guess. The popularity of The Walking Dead has definitely pumped up the fan base with people who normally wouldn’t give zombies a second glance. I think that’s partly because of the drama of survival.

People want to see who lives and who dies, and the how for both. They know there’s the threat of a zombie attack at every turn. They know that if someone does something stupid, someone will die. (There’s that death thing again.) So, zombie entertainment becomes about the survivors more than the zombies; it becomes about the people who live and how they deal with those who don’t.

Zombies are also popular because of the apocalyptic element they bring on their…puss trails. People understand and know that once everything gets so bad that something like a zombie plague breaks out that society will evaporate. This lends zombies a political angle.

How many people are happy about the way things are going in the world? I would say pretty much no one. And that leads us to crave a “reset” and that’s why any apocalyptic fiction is of interest. We love the art, we love the literature, and we love the shows/movies that depict what we crave.

We crave change. But we know it would be ugly. Zombies are ugly and violent. They are the perfect vehicle for our innermost yearnings of change.

Everyone imagines themselves as a survivor in the Z-poc, but most of us would be the shambling, rotting corpses that run around being the hardship of those who survive (those crowds of zombies had to come from somewhere). I don’t think anyone imagines themselves as a zombie for real. I mean, it’s fun to pretend to be a zombie at Halloween, but wouldn’t you want your loved one to shoot you in the head if you really were a zombie? I know I would.

Let’s all hope we never have to find out if we can survive…or if we’ll be just one in the horde of deadly change. Either way, we’re likely to die at some point and that terror of possible death lends to the undead horror that is the zombie.

©Rebecca Besser, 2015. All rights reserved.

Teaser: Leah Rhyne #SummerofZombie

Read an excerpt from Leah Rhyne’s Undead America: Jenna’s War! #SummerofZombie

Dying Days

Jennas War 333x500

“Meat’s meat,” said Sam, thumping the butt of his ancient shotgun against the dull hardwood floor. A sound like an actual gunshot rang through the room, and the gathered collection of ragtag survivors sat up a little straighter. “We need to survive, and to survive we need protein. I don’t care where it comes from.”

He paused, letting the words sink in, and I stared at the ground beneath my feet.

Winters in Nebraska – or at least that winter, since it was the only one I’d ever experienced – were hard. The chaotic thunderstorms of the fall gave way only when the furies of blizzards took over, with snow falling so thick and heavy and fast we found ourselves paralyzed, stuck in a farmhouse whose walls cried out in agony against the winds and whose roof sank beneath the snow’s wet, heavy weight.

The number of refugees in the…

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Teaser: Melanie Karsak #SummerofZombie

Read an excerpt from Melanie Karsak’s The Shadow Aspect! #SummerofZombie

Dying Days

The Shadow Aspect: Book II of The Harvesting Series

High Res Final Ebook Cover the shadow aspect

“This way,” Kellimore yelled, running down a running path that lead in the direction of the school. “Come on!”

“Fuck,” Elle grumbled. Surprising me, she unzipped her coat and pulled out two machetes. “Ready for some fun?” she asked with a sardonic grin.

Cricket gave Tristan a nervous look then turned toward me. “Here we go,” Cricket said, twirling her enormous pipe wrench, and we all took off behind Kellimore. Chase brought up the rear.

“Stay quiet,” Tristan called. “Maybe they’ll get lost in the mist.”

We rushed down the path behind the bleachers. “This way!” Kellimore called, rushing to gate that surrounded the football field. He opened the gate with a clatter. “Go, go! Let’s lure them in!”

“But can we get out?” I asked breathlessly as I rushed in behind him.

Kellimore nodded. “The rest of you scale the…

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Teaser: Samantha Gregory #SummerofZombie

Read an excerpt from Samantha Gregory’s After! #SummerofZombie

Dying Days

Book Teaser – After


What would the world be like after a zombie apocalypse? When the zombies have been destroyed and what’s left of humanity tries to pick up the pieces? What happens After…

Jenna Deluise grew up in that world. A world under the thumb of a new military police called the New Alliance which is funded by Gene Pharm, a powerful pharmaceutical company. Her father worked for them as a top scientist before he committed suicide.

When his boss kidnaps Jenna to lure her allegedly dead father out, Jenna realizes that she didn’t know her father at all and that his work on the zombie virus was more sinister than he made out.

Jenna is taken to an underground lab where she finds her father’s ex lab assistant Wesley. He is being forced to finish her father’s work. Jenna and Wesley have to work together to escape the…

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Teaser: Stevie Kopas #SummerofZombie

Read an excerpt from Stevie Kopas’ All Good Things! #SummerofZombie

Dying Days

All Good Things - Official Cover

All Good Things, Book Three in The Breadwinner Trilogy

by Stevie Kopas



Gary tore through the hole in the fence like a bat out of hell.  He could hear his fellow survivors’ footfalls behind him.  In the midst of the firefight, he had been unable to retrieve his weapons and up ahead he spied a few straggling eaters headed his way.  He darted right, taking yet another detour.  His chest burned and his head swam.

How could things have gone so wrong?

Gary looked back only once to see Clyde and Andrew in hot pursuit; he waved an arm, motioning for them to follow him into one of the abandoned homes.

He rushed the door of a 1980’s-style brick home and prayed that it was unlocked.  With a flick of his wrist, he turned the knob and let himself in, the strong scent of rot and decay hitting…

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Now Available for Kindle – Undead Regeneration

Undead Regeneration

(The sequel to Undead Drive-Thru)

Available on Kindle

Undead Regeneration by Rebecca Besser

The zombie is gone…finally and truly dead.

John and Ky try to get on with their lives, but they can’t. They are haunted by the past and it’s tearing apart their future.

With no other options, they go undercover where Sam had worked before he came home…undead: ReGen.

They struggle with their circumstances, their fears, and their relationship as they fight to tame their nightmares and create a happy and healthy future together.

©Rebecca Besser, 2015. All rights reserved.

Teaser: Jaime Johnesee #SummerofZombie

Read an excerpt from Jaime Johnesee’s Bob Meets Sam! #SummerofZombie

Dying Days

Here is a sneak peek inside my upcoming novella Bob Meets Sam. I hope you enjoy:


The zombie sang along as he danced and soon he was head-bobbing like an agitated rooster and pointing his finger disco-style. The other patrons watched him with smiles on their faces. Anytime he pointed his finger someone’s way they ducked a little. Bob was well known in Martin’s Bar and folks knew that parts of him had a habit of disengaging from the others.

As Creedence Clearwater Revival’s ‘Fortunate Son’ replaced AC/DC Bob’s dancing slowed. He still made patrons smile as he did the sprinkler to the CCR hit. Griffin chuckled as he turned his attention back to doing inventory. He kept on counting the liquor bottles, stopping occasionally to watch the zombie get down.

It was during an unintentionally aggressive disco point to the door that Bob’s hand flew off and toward the…

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Teaser: Luke Ahearn #SummerofZombie

Read an excerpt of Luke Ahearn’s Transformation! #SummerofZombie

Dying Days

Transformation Excerpts



Cooper felt as if his heart stopped when suddenly he tripped and fell flat on his face. His sister fell on his back. He was pinned down and the zombies were only a few feet from them. Before he could stand, Ellen was screaming and thrashing wildly as she fought for her life. Her screams intensified and he could feel her body getting jerked and pulled about. The only thought running through his mind was no, no, no, no, no. He tried to stand but was pushed back down to the ground by the violent struggle on top of him.

Then he felt his sister’s body suddenly lifted from his back. His eyes filled with tears as her bloodcurdling screams tore through him. He was desperate to save her even though he knew she was as good as gone.

Cooper planted his hands flat on the ground…

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Teaser: Shawn Chesser #SummerofZombie

Read an excerpt from Shawn Chesser’s Ghosts! #SummerofZombie

Dying Days


Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Shawn Chesser



Trying to become one with the massive Douglas fir, Raven squatted and pressed her back hard against its gnarled trunk. With the unpleasant sensation of coarse bark grating her skin through the thin tee shirt she’d thrown on during her hasty retreat from the compound, she strained mightily in the dark to hear anything over her heartbeat and labored breathing.

Finally, after a few seconds spent listening and probing the dark with her eyes for any signs of movement from the direction of the footpath leading to the grass-covered clearing, she heard twigs cracking and the hollow thuds of plodding, unsteady footsteps.

Then, seemingly from all around, she heard the ubiquitous rasps—like dried cornstalks rustling in a stiff breeze—of determined first turns on the hunt.

Stay here, her mom had hissed a beat prior to melting into the night, clad only…

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