Spotlight On: Stevie Kopas #SummerofZombie


Dying Days

Summer of Zombie 2015 SPOTLIGHT ON: Stevie Kopas

 Stevie Kopas - Summer of Zombie 2015

What is your latest zombie release? 

All Good Things, Book 3 in The Breadwinner Trilogy

 All Good Things - Official Cover

Quick description of it (no spoilers) 

Our group of survivors have grown too comfortable behind the walls of their fortified resort in the city of Haven… and the zombies are no longer their biggest threat.  Who will make it out alive?  Remember, in the world of The Breadwinner Trilogy, the end of the world is not glamorous, and shit’s about to hit the fan.

Something unique about it.  

As with Haven (book two in The Breadwinner Trilogy) there’s this awesome line between good and evil that gets crossed.  Sometimes you have to be bad to be good and vice versa.  In book two we saw the origins of the antagonist, in book three we get to see her really show how awful she can…

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