Spotlight On: Eli Constant and B.V. Barr #SummerofZombie


Dying Days

Summer of Zombie 2015 SPOTLIGHT ON: Eli Constant & B.V. Barr

What is your latest zombie release?

Z Children: Awakening

 Z Children 1 Cover eBook

Quick description of it (no spoilers):

This book chronicles the beginning of a zombie outbreak as told through the eyes of six main characters in Texas. These first person POV origin stories are the vehicle to creating two distinct survival groups that will be carried forward throughout the next several books. We’ve also included secondary characters, presented in 3rd person omniscient to create distance between said characters and the readers, which will become increasingly important as the world of the Z Children builds. The outbreak premise of our storyline centers around the ever-changing climate of world health, particularly focusing on the vaccination schedule prescribed by the CDC and the quality-control associated with said commonly administered vaccines. Although there is gore, and plenty of it, we’ve prioritized character development and…

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