Teaser: J.E. Gurley #SummerofZombie

Read an excerpt of J E Gurley’s Jake’s Law! #SummerofZombie

Dying Days

Teaser for Jake’s Law by J E Gurley

black shirt me

Jake Blakely was a Pima County Arizona deputy when the Staggers struck, the parasitic disease from the frozen tundra that first killed the infected, and then reanimated them as staggering, stumbling zombies. Unfortunately, the undead quickly became fast, deadly predators, killing everyone they encountered. As a die-hard survivalist and a loner by nature, Jake had prepared for an apocalyptic event, but a zombie plague had been low on his list of possibilities. In spite of the unlikely scenario, Jake was resourceful. He had food stockpiled. He had weapons and ammunition. His impregnable home in the mountains had water and solar power. He had a small patch for growing crops and pens for livestock. He hunted and scavenged. He established a personal set of rules to live by, Jake’s Laws. Law #1 – Aim high; shoot straight. Law #2 – In a lawless land…

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