Teaser: John O’Brien #SummerofZombie

Read an excerpt from John O’Brien’s A New World: Reckoning! #SummerofZombie

Dying Days

A New World: Reckoning excerpt

Reckoning front cover XL2

On the edge of the pipes between the two hallway corners, I lie on my side with my suppressed Beretta in my hand, listening for the sound of the guard returning. It takes a while but, even though I don’t hear the door he went through opening, I do hear his footsteps echoing off the walls. I hear the beep of the keypad next to the door and the lock clicks. Disregarding my pounding heartbeat, I roll off the conduits.

The guard swings the door open as I hit the ground just behind him. He starts to turn at the sound but I shove him through the door before he gets the chance. He stumbles inside with a yelp and I follow hard on his heels. I instantly take in the surroundings; a wall of monitors opposite the door with a bank of equipment in…

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