Teaser: Candy O’Donnell #SummerofZombie

Read an excerpt from Candy O’Donnell’s Z-Radio! #SummerofZombie

Dying Days

Z-Radio 2



Later that evening I sat near the office and decided to strike out on my own, without anyone else knowing what my intentions were. Words could not describe the feelings twisting within my chest. I felt like somehow I was abandoning those in the building. After one last glance at the station, I strode from the area with Darren, Ryan, and the doc in tow.

We had let in an entire eater pack while the others were sleeping. They hadn’t tied me up that tightly. I knew they wanted to harm me, and it was not my time to die. My heart knew what needed to be done. It was up to me to ensure the three men’s safety after I unbolted the door and let in the hungry horde.

One almost bit Ryan, but Darren was able to stab it in the eye before his arm became…

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