Teaser: Saul Tanpepper #SummerofZombie

Read an excerpt from Saul Tanpepper’s Contain! #SummerofZombie

Dying Days

Teaser for Contain (a BUNKER 12 title)


“Phones are down.”

“Phones? How is that even possible?” I notice that the lights on the street are out. In fact, lights everywhere are out. I smell smoke. “What’s happening?”

“Not now, Finn,” he says, his words clipped. He slips past the front of the car, keys jangling in his hand. “Hurry!”

A block away, someone is running down the sidewalk in our direction, a woman. I can’t tell who it is, but she’s really in a hurry. And something in the way she moves strikes me as odd.

“Get in the car!” Dad hisses.

“But maybe she knows—”

“Get in the goddamn car, Finn! Now!

I glance back at the woman, and suddenly I’m terrified. She’s moving way too fast, and I don’t like the way her legs scissor. It’s not natural.

“Dad, what’s going on?”

The door opens and slams…

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