Teaser: Melanie Karsak #SummerofZombie

Read an excerpt from Melanie Karsak’s Midway! #SummerofZombie

Dying Days

Midway: A Harvesting Series Novella


We had been driving for a few hours, trying the radio with no luck, when we finally came to a fork in the road. We had a choice between two dirt roads. We pulled over and examined the map. The Bronco was low on gas, and the small town that was supposed to be there wasn’t. Vella’s map was as old as her Bronco. There was no sign of a town or anything else anywhere. I had wanted to get away from people, but I didn’t want to be in the middle of nowhere. Both roads looked equally country. We knew Mama Rosie’s truck wouldn’t be able to make the haul. She’d have to ride with us.

“Let me go talk her into coming with us,” I said to Vella, opening the door.

“I can move some stuff and fit her in the back.”


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