Teaser: Melanie Karsak #SummerofZombie

Read an excerpt from Melanie Karsak’s The Shadow Aspect! #SummerofZombie

Dying Days

The Shadow Aspect: Book II of The Harvesting Series

High Res Final Ebook Cover the shadow aspect

“This way,” Kellimore yelled, running down a running path that lead in the direction of the school. “Come on!”

“Fuck,” Elle grumbled. Surprising me, she unzipped her coat and pulled out two machetes. “Ready for some fun?” she asked with a sardonic grin.

Cricket gave Tristan a nervous look then turned toward me. “Here we go,” Cricket said, twirling her enormous pipe wrench, and we all took off behind Kellimore. Chase brought up the rear.

“Stay quiet,” Tristan called. “Maybe they’ll get lost in the mist.”

We rushed down the path behind the bleachers. “This way!” Kellimore called, rushing to gate that surrounded the football field. He opened the gate with a clatter. “Go, go! Let’s lure them in!”

“But can we get out?” I asked breathlessly as I rushed in behind him.

Kellimore nodded. “The rest of you scale the…

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