Jack Wallen – Summer of Zombie Box Set

Summer of Zombie Box Set

What is the Summer of Zombie Box Set?

What authors and books are included?

Meet one of the authors and hear a tidbit about his book below:


Name: Jack Wallen

Author Jack Wallen

What is the title of your book that’s included in the Summer of Zombie Box Set? T-Minus Zero. This is the prequel to my I Zombie series.

T-Minus Zero by Jack Wallen

What is your favorite character in that book? Doctor Richard Gerrand. Although he debuts in the prequel and doesn’t appear again until the upcoming Fry Zombie Fry, he’s quite an important character in the arch of the series.

Are there any “author secrets” in your title (things you included or ideas you had that aren’t shared with readers in the title)? This book was actually conceived during a walk from cosmetology school (yes, I was once a hair dresser). The idea came long before I developed the I Zombie series. The original idea was more in line with the film crew coming into the small town and turning the zombification of humanity into a reality TV show that would be broadcast across the globe. When I realized I needed to write something to fill some time while waiting for the release of Cry Zombie Cry (another story for another time), it dawned on me that I could shift the structure of that story and make it fit within the I Zombie universe.

Tell us something about your book that will make us want to read it: Imagine getting a “back stage” look at how “Hollywood” can manipulate and affect our emotions and opinions. Within the pages of T-Minus Zero, you get a glimpse into that as well as the specific reasons why power can truly corrupt… even the mad. This is pre-Jacob and Bethany as well as when the Mengele Virus was first developed.

Is your book part of a series (if so, what are the other titles in the series we should be looking for)? The other titles in the I Zombie series are:

Main Books

I Zombie I

My Zombie My

Die Zombie Die

Lie Zombie Lie

Cry Zombie Cry

T-Minus Zero

Spin Offs

Zombie Radio

Zombie Radio 2

The Last Casket


Very soon (end of August), the next main book will be released – Fry Zombie Fry. I will also be starting yet another spin off, this one a YA series called Teenage Wasteland.

Where can readers find you (website, social media, etc.)?

Website: Get Jack’d

Facebook: Jack Wallen

Twitter: @jlwallen

Amazon: Jack Wallen

Google+: Jack Wallen

Do you have a website readers might want to check out? www.jackwallen.com

Bio: You’re listening to …

Oh wait, wrong shtick. This isn’t about a DJ or an apocalypse. This is about Jack … just Jack.

If you don’t mind, I’m going to work in third-person here. Yeah, I’m going to call myself, The Jack.

Too pretentious? Okay. Fine. I’ll just go with “Jack”.

The path to becoming a professional writer was certainly the one less traveled for Jack. Originally, Jack’s artistic bent led him to a career as an actor.

No, not an actor in a bear costume (not even for “Furry Porn”). Jack did it his way. Working on Broadway and with regional and Shakespeare theatres across the country, Jack is proud to have held his own as an actor for over twenty years.

Twenty freakin’ years. Am I really that old?

Oh wait … third person.

Crap, where was Jack? Oh yes, he remembers.

But, as they say, all good things…

Before the economy had a chance to completely destroy the theatre arts, Jack decided to take his final curtain call during a production with the heralded Stage One Theatre for Young Audiences. It was, however, during that long career that Jack discovered he had a knack for the written word. His first, full-length novel was written between 2000 and 2003. That book, A Blade Away, eventually became his first published work. It didn’t take Jack long to fall in love with the creative process of writing and he followed that first book up with the cult-favorite, Shero.

It wasn’t until Jack woke up one summer morning with a simple question on his mind, that he would finally dive into the craft of horror fiction tooth and nail. That question, “What would it be like to transform into a zombie?”, led Jack to pen the first novel in the I Zombie series — I Zombie I. From there, Jack dove into the deeper waters of horror and has never looked back.


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