Spotlight On: Armand Rosamilia #WinterofZombie

Armand Rosamilia’s Spotlight on the #WinterofZombie tour!

Dying Days


Winter of Zombie 2015 SPOTLIGHT ON: Armand Rosamilia

What is your latest zombie release?

Highway To Hell 2

Quick description of it (no spoilers)

Randy Jackson’s car has been stolen by a hot redhead, more guns pointed at his face than he can count, and zombies around every corner. Just when he’s about to toss in the towel, a mysterious blonde saves him… but why?

The long-awaited sequel to “Highway To Hell” (which began the “Dying Days” zombie series) and sequel to “Dying Days: Origins” is upon us…

The zombie apocalypse is in full swing but sometimes your fellow survivors are more deadly than the undead

Something unique about it.

It is the sequel to the original Highway To Hell but also a sequel for the Lyssa character from Dying Days: Origins

Links for people to purchase it.

Your promo links.

@ArmandAuthor on Twitter


Your short Bio.

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