Spotlight On: P Mark DeBryan #WinterofZombie

P Mark DeBryan’s Spotlight on the #WinterofZombie tour!

Dying Days

Family Reunion

Winter of Zombie 2015 SPOTLIGHT ON: P. Mark DeBryan

What is your latest zombie release?

Family Reunion

Quick description of it (no spoilers)

The story follows a large family heading to a reunion during the beginning of a pandemic that turns into a zombie like apocalypse. They are all from different locations throughout the country. These are not highly skilled special operators, and they are not young or in excellent physical condition. The Brant family consists of seven siblings, the youngest, Ryan, finds himself surrounded by crazed psychos that are feeding on his fellow ferry passengers. From here the story chronicles the siblings and their extended family’s efforts to get to the reunion.

Something unique about it.

One of the cousins, Maddie, is headed to the reunion in a luxury motor coach that her husband is delivering to a wealthy client. The client is a prepper, and the coach, while…

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