Spotlight On: Phillip Tomasso #WinterofZombie

Phillip Tomasso’s Spotlight on the #WinterofZombie tour!

Dying Days


Winter of Zombie 2015 SPOTLIGHT ON: Phillip Tomasso

What is your latest zombie release?


Quick description of it (no spoilers):

Even in the heat of the zombie apocalypse, a time must come to rebuild. . .Charlene McKinney and her friends are on the run in the mountain ranges of North Carolina. The band of survivors stumble across Arcadia, a fortified and fully functioning community erected deep in a valley. The welcome sign posted by the front entrance boasts 3 simple laws for citizenship. No stealing. No fighting. No murder. Seeking sanctuary within the walls of Arcadia seems like the perfect place to hide. But in Arcadia, if you break the law you will find yourself damned with the dead.

Something unique about it:

While DAMN THE DEAD is technically the first book in the Arcadia trilogy, it is also a continuation of the Vaccination trilogy, picking up…

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