Teaser: Samie Sands #WinterofZombie

Samie Sands’ Teaser on the #WinterofZombie blog tour!


Dying Days

Forgotten Samie Sands Cover






That noise.

Bang. Bang.

So loud. It feels like it’s coming from inside my own head.


I cover my ears with my hands, pulling my knees up to my chest, trying to block out the whole world for a moment. I just need to think.

I don’t know what to do about her, I really don’t. I can’t just do nothing. She isn’t right, however much I try and convince myself otherwise. I have to accept the truth. I have to admit that whatever is behind that door, isn’t my cousin. Not anymore. But that doesn’t make any of this any easier.

When I found her, outside the door collapsed and covered in blood, I completely freaked out, what if she had this thing, the illness? I had to block out all my deep rooted fears about catching the disease, while I…

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