Teaser: Rebecca Besser And Courtney Rene #WinterofZombie

Rebecca Besser (me) & Courtney Rene’s Teaser for #WInterofZombie!


Dying Days

Zombies Inside Cover 2 w Court


By Rebecca Besser

Troy Jones, Grace Hanson, Alex Keeler, and Nick O’Hara were sitting in a small, family cemetery in the woods behind the Hanson’s farm. The full moon was slowly rising on the horizon, the landscape growing darker and darker with each passing minute. It was the perfect time and place for what the group had planned. What better place and time to try and raise the dead . . .

Of course, everyone except Alex thought it was a joke. Waiting to get started, they sat drinking the beer Nick had taken out of his old man’s fridge and smoking the weed Grace had provided.

“You know what we should do after we’re done with this sh . . . ” Troy stopped in mid-sentence when Alex’s elbow made contact with his stomach. “Hey, what was that for?”

“You were about to say shit, weren’t…

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