Limitless Publishing Acquires Nurse Blood by Rebecca Besser

Limitless Publishing acquires Rebecca Besser’s dark thriller Nurse Blood

Loiacono Nurse Blood Mock Cover

Based on true events.

A dark premise has been lurking in the fears of society for hundreds of years—body snatching.

A sexy thrill ride of deception and death for fans of suspense, thriller, mystery, horror, and true crime.

When a group of thugs, a black market dealer, and host of medical professionals begin kidnapping people—harvesting their organs and blood for profit and medical research—they do it to the wrong man…the brother of an FBI agent.

All the hoodlums are twisted and constantly trying to outsmart each other to stay alive while being relentlessly pursued by the FBI.

Twisted-sick love, hate, jealousy, greed and just plain evil, each one schemes to do the other in.

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Rebbecca Besser has been published over 200 times in magazines, ezines, anthologies, literary journals (poetry & photography), nonfiction collections, and on blogs. Undead Drive-Thru, her first zombie novella, has been compared to the works of Stephen King and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. An anthology, which she edited and has a short story in, Earth’s End, won the Turning Pages Book of the Year 2012 Reader’s Choice Award in the Scifi category.

Published by Limitless Publishing

Represented by Loiacono Literary Agency, Melissa Carrigee

©Rebecca Besser and Melissa Carrigee, 2015/2016. All rights reserved.