Blind Date a Book – Book #3


-Series Book #2


-New Adult







Survivors of a horrific zombie experience move away together to start a new life, but they suffer from PTSD and it stands in the way of their happiness.

Determined to find out where the zombie from their past came from, and get some closure, the young woman goes undercover in the company where the man—turned zombie—was employed before coming home…ill.

Lies, betrayal, a cover-up, and a twisted experiment leads to more complications than could ever have been imagined.

The young man sneaks in to rescue the woman he loves, and hopes it’s not too late for them and their future.

They find out their love is the strongest ingredient needed to create their happily ever after…now that they’ve put the past to rest, or so they think.


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Copyright © Rebecca Besser, 2019. All rights reserved.

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