Blind Date a Book – Book #19

-Series Book #2
-Crime Thriller

Making deals with the devil is a dangerous business.

A homicide detective’s first case on the job plunges him into a world occupied by the devil’s henchmen and their victims. Wheeling over this turn of events, the detective finds himself questioning everything he has ever believed in. And then, out of the blue, he finds himself in the presence of an angel who offers help along with a little something to help him when things get worse.

Soon the detective discovers an even bigger threat to his existence… one of the henchmen is threatening his friends and family. How will he be able to save everyone?

You’ll love how this novel reads like a mish-mash of the best scenes from the Godfather saga and the Exorcist. It is not your mama’s lullaby. Pick it up, and you will be reading far into the night. Come check it out!


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Copyright © Rebecca Besser, 2019. All rights reserved.


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