Blind Date a Book – Book #23

-Series Book #3
-Crime Thriller

This can’t be happening. Not now. I mean come on, I may be a short, balding guy with a thick waistline, but I’ve also got pockets full of money. This is the time of my life, for crap’s sake. Can this really be happening? I swear as I was dragged up to the coffin, I saw my dead father-in-law in the corner of the room, his fingers crusted with dirt and dried roses and he was clutching that damned contract he made me sign in my own blood. I’m guessing he dug himself out of his grave.

So now here I am, lying in another man’s casket. I think that monster cut off my thumb before slamming the lid shut. I must be bleeding, but I can’t lift my arm to check. And now I hear the furnace firing up. Wait a minute… is that crackling I hear? My toes are burning.

If you enjoy Twilight Zone-like books, you will enjoy this noir novel. With snarky characters, ironic circumstances, and dark humor horror, this book will keep you enthralled, page after page. One reviewer has even asked, “how can a book so funny be so frightening?” This is a “can’t resist reading it” book.


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Copyright © Rebecca Besser, 2019. All rights reserved.


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