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Nurse Blood – Out of Print

If you’ve been looking for Nurse Blood, but couldn’t find it. Don’t worry. She’ll be back.

My contract with Limitless Publishing has ended, so I have the rights back. This means there will be a bit of an edit and a new cover coming in the future. And…a sequel!

But, if you can’t wait until then… I have some paperbacks on hand since I didn’t get to do any book signings last year or this year. So, if you can’t wait, or just want a signed copy of the now out of print version, reach out to me to find out how to make that happen.

Note: I also have paperbacks of Undead Drive-Thru, Undead Regeneration, Zombies Inside, and Twisted Pathways.

Nurse Blood – Free Ebook Promo

Nurse Blood by Rebecca Besser
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Sonya, better known as Nurse Blood, is part of a team of lethal organ harvesters who seek out the weak to seduce, kill, and part out for profit on the black market. When Sonya meets Daniel McCoy, a young man recovering from a broken engagement, he’s just another kill to line her pockets with quick cash.

Agent David McCoy vows to find out how and why his twin brother Daniel disappeared…

Daniel’s body hasn’t been found, and the leads are slim to none, but it won’t stop David from dedicating his life to solving his brother’s case. When the evidence finally uncovers the shocking truth that Daniel’s disappearance is linked to organ harvesters, David knows his brother is most likely dead. But he’s determined to stop the villains’ killing spree before they strike again.

One last harvest is all Sonya and her team need to put their murderous past behind them…

A family with the rarest blood type in the world is the only thing standing between Sonya and retirement. David McCoy and the FBI are hot on their trail, though, and multiple targets make this the most complicated harvest yet. Will David unravel Sonya’s wicked plans in time to avenge his brother and save an innocent family? Or will Sonya cash in her final kill and escape for good?

Murder for profit stops for no man when you’re Nurse Blood.

©Rebecca Besser, 2017. All rights reserved.

Limitless Publishing Acquires Nurse Blood by Rebecca Besser

Limitless Publishing acquires Rebecca Besser’s dark thriller Nurse Blood

Loiacono Nurse Blood Mock Cover

Based on true events.

A dark premise has been lurking in the fears of society for hundreds of years—body snatching.

A sexy thrill ride of deception and death for fans of suspense, thriller, mystery, horror, and true crime.

When a group of thugs, a black market dealer, and host of medical professionals begin kidnapping people—harvesting their organs and blood for profit and medical research—they do it to the wrong man…the brother of an FBI agent.

All the hoodlums are twisted and constantly trying to outsmart each other to stay alive while being relentlessly pursued by the FBI.

Twisted-sick love, hate, jealousy, greed and just plain evil, each one schemes to do the other in.

Rebecca Besser Author Pic

Rebbecca Besser has been published over 200 times in magazines, ezines, anthologies, literary journals (poetry & photography), nonfiction collections, and on blogs. Undead Drive-Thru, her first zombie novella, has been compared to the works of Stephen King and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. An anthology, which she edited and has a short story in, Earth’s End, won the Turning Pages Book of the Year 2012 Reader’s Choice Award in the Scifi category.

Published by Limitless Publishing

Represented by Loiacono Literary Agency, Melissa Carrigee

©Rebecca Besser and Melissa Carrigee, 2015/2016. All rights reserved.