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Halloween Blitz – Alice in Monsterland

The Alice in Monsterland ebook by Mark Taylor is free to download on Kindle!

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Alice in Monsterland by Mark Taylor

Alice didn’t want to be here. She was too old for it. Too tall. But when the door is answered by a very well dressed young man – in full vampire outfit – she couldn’t stop herself from being drawn in to the house.

A costume party. The perfect way to while away the night while her father got drunk at home.

But for Alice, it quickly became the worst night of her life.


Author Mark Taylor:

Mark began writing many years ago. He had a talent for it during his formative years, but didn’t follow through. He went from school into a career, and in his free time did other things.

Now his career path is set and he writes things on occasion.
He worked within the flourishing small press industry at first, submitting to horror anthologies left and right, writing like a madman.

He collaborated with fellow writer Charles Day on pair of interconnected novellas, which eventually became the novel, REDEMPTION.

After that he broke away and while still writes shorter work, concentrates more on the longer. He continues his novella series, WITCHES, and THE DEVIL’S HAND is now complete.

Novels come along at a steady rate, first there was SHUTTER SPEED, then A NIGHT AT THE DREAM THEATER, and then TRINITY.

He has written some original short story collections, THE HUMAN CONDITION and STRANGE, and has compiled a collection of previously released material, SMALL CUTS TO THE PSYCHE. When he wants to smash another genre to see what it’s like he’ll drop a SHORT/CUT.

His writing remains dark most of the time, but of late has found that his longer works err more into dark noir. He plays in a playground of demons and monsters, but plays nicely.