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Blind Date a Book – Book #8

-Zombie Tie-In Series Book 1

A man morning the loss of his wife tries to make sense of a new world where the dead walk. His only thoughts are for a son who he believes may still be alive and his drive to find him at any cost. He will cross Florida in a journey that will test his will to survive and his ability to get out of some crazy stuff.

He wanted to find snackies. Alone in a world where he is a food source, a lonely pug will search for companionship and food anyplace he can find it.

He wanted a father figure. He needed somebody to cling to for his own survival. When he finds what he’s been yearning for, a young man will embark on a trip to meet his destiny in, ‘The Happiest Place on Earth’.

She’s been on the run and alone fighting against the horde trying to devour her. She never thought she’d find a person who didn’t want to eat her flesh. But now, she’s found a group to call her own and she’ll risk everything to protect and fight for the people she now calls her family.

In a world where everything is in ruins, a group of people will band together and fight for each other. In the end, they are humanity’s last hope for survival.


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