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Blind Date a Book – Book #15

– Novel
– Series Book #1
– Supernatural
– Horror
– Thriller
– Crime Thriller

A seasoned detective and his partner are assigned a string of kidnapping/murders of young girls. Soon another body turns up, and then another. With no suspects and no clues, the pressure proves too great for the partner who commits suicide. Just when the detective thinks things cannot get any worse, his estranged father tracks him down. The father, now involved in a dark and dangerous cult, dangles the name of the murderer in front of him. But the name comes with a steep price tag. Can the detective escape his father’s clutches again? Or will he choose a fate worse than death to save the next little girl?

If you like sagas such as The Godfather and Goodfellas because of their heart-pounding action, and any of Stephen King’s books for thrilling terror, this book will have you turning pages all night long. Don’t miss out. Come check it out!


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