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Simple Eating – Build A Mountain

Kim Curley is a a wonderful woman and one of my closest friends. She was also one of the first to step up to share recipes when I expressed my idea for this section of my blog on Facebook.

Build A Mountain

By Kim Curley



Canned Tuna mixed with mayonnaise (like you’re making tuna salad, except don’t add pickle relish or anything else to the mix)

Mashed potatoes



Make sure your canned tuna and mayo are pre-mixed first and set aside. You can even do this earlier and let it sit in the fridge.

Cook enough mashed potatoes according to instructions for the amount of people you’re feeding (2, 4, 6, etc.). Set aside.

Now, the building phase:

On plates or bowls, shred or tear your lettuce into bite size portions. Place mashed potatoes on top of lettuce, followed by tuna mixture.

You’ve built your mountain!

If you want, you can stir the mixture all together, or you can eat it as layered.

Extras: add a little extra butter, salt and pepper to taste.

To really spice it up, if you’ve got a little Tabasco, a few drops-not a lot!-might make it taste better for some folks.

We’ve used this numerous times when we’re down to nothing in the pantry, as well as an inexpensive, but filling meal when the purse strings need to be tightened! Enjoy!

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