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Simple Eating – Fresh Salsa

This is a recipe that can be changed every which way to accommodate any preferred taste, but it’s also great straight forward. I’ve used it for chili, chips and salsa, tacos, and even lettuce wraps. You can put it on almost anything for any meal to add flavor with fresh veggies! It’s also cheap and easy to make. I guarantee you’ll make it time and again.


Fresh Salsa

by Rebecca Besser



3 large tomatoes

1 medium to large onion

2 jalapenos

1 tsp salt



Dice tomatoes. Finely dice onions and jalapeno peppers (remove veins (the pith) and seeds if you don’t want the heat from the jalapenos).

Add salt to taste (you don’t have to use it all–add in half and see if it’s enough, and add additional if/as needed).

Mix well until combined.

It should look like this:


Optional ingredients:

You can add a can of drained corn, black beans, and/or black eyed peas.

You can add lime juice if you want more acid.

You can add a tablespoon or two into smashed avocados, lime juice, and cilantro (if you like it) and wham you have guacamole!

You can use different peppers–poblano peppers or even bell peppers–instead of jalapenos.

You can use frozen or canned jalapenos if that’s what you have.


Best if eaten within a week.


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