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Halloween Blitz – Full Recap

Did you miss any of the Halloween Blitz posts?

Below is a full list, with links, to all the Halloween Blitz event posts so you can go back through and revisit something you loved or catch up on what you missed before its over!

Tomorrow I will be posting the last post for Halloween Blitz, in which the winner of the Black Kindle Fire 7 will be announced! Be sure to check back for that announcement.

I hope you enjoyed this event as much as I did putting it on. If you loved it too, share the event posts with your friends/followers and come back next October for more horror/Halloween fun!

~Rebecca Besser

Day 1: Halloween Blitz  & Halloween Blitz – Last Halloween by Jay Wilburn

Day 2: Halloween Blitz – Keyport Cthulhu 2

Day 3: Halloween Blitz – The One That Got Away by Dale Elster

Day 4: Halloween Blitz – The Night Weaver by Monique Snyman

Day 5: Halloween Blitz – Re-Civilize: Liam by Rebecca Besser

Day 6: Halloween Blitz – Stiff Breeze by Brian J. Smith

Day 7: Halloween Blitz – Deadsville by Dale Elster & T.D. Trask

Day 8: Halloween Blitz – Twisted Pathways by Rebecca Besser

Day 9: Halloween Blitz – Cold Fingers by Suzi Albracht

Day 10: Halloween Blitz – Which Witch? by Rebecca Besser

Day 11: Halloween Blitz – Conversation with the Living by Courtney Rene

Day 12: Halloween Blitz – Fading Hope: Humanity Unbound

Day 13: Halloween Blitz – Cast a Shadow by Rebecca Besser

Day 14: Halloween Blitz – Feast or Famine: A Banquet of Tales for the Zombie Prepper

Day 15: Halloween Blitz – Middletown 3: Metal Apocalypse

Day 16: Halloween Blitz – Middletown 4: Unrestival

Day 17: Halloween Blitz – Hunger Pangs: Dark Confessions: Tales for Your Dining Pleasure

Day 18: Halloween Blitz – The Carnival 13: Thirteen Authors, One Story

Day 19: Halloween Blitz – Zombies Inside by Rebecca Besser & Courtney Rene

Day 20: Halloween Blitz – Anything But Zombies!

Day 21: Halloween Blitz – Tales of Terror and Mayhem

Day 22: Halloween Blitz – Undead Drive-Thru Kindle Sale

Day 23: Halloween Blitz – Undead Regengeration Kindle Sale

Day 24: Halloween Blitz – Every Foul Spirit by William Gorman

Day 25: Halloween Blitz – Autumn Shades: An Ode To The Season by John Grover

Day 26: Halloween Blitz – Crystal Lake 2020 Fundraiser

Day 27: Halloween Blitz – Kindle Fire 7 Giveaway

Day 28: Halloween Blitz – Crystal Lake Publishing Halloween Sale

Day 29: Halloween Blitz – Nurse Blood by Rebecca Besser

Day 30:  Halloween Blitz – Full Recap

Day 31: Halloween Blitz – Kindle Fire 7 Winner

Halloween Blitz – Middletown 3: Metal Apocalypse

Click on cover to visit title on Amazon!


Middletown 3:

Metal Apocalypse

with stories by

Jack Wallen, Jay Wilburn, Armand Rosamilia, Rebecca Besser, Brent Abell, Chuck Buda, Eric Shelman, G.G. Silverman, Heath Stallcup, Jaime Johnessee, Peter Welmernik, and Suzanne Madron


What happens when a metal band gets caught up in the apocalypse? Even better, what happens when you give that same scenario to twelve of the genre’s hottest authors? Rosamilia, Besser, Abell, Buda, Shelman, Silverman, Stallcup, Wallen, Johnesee, Wilburn, Welmerink, Madron … each author was put to the task to take the apocalyptic story up to eleven.

1. 12. 11. Do the math. It all works out to rock and roll; zombie style.

Halloween Blitz – Feast or Famine: A Banquet of Tales for the Zombie Prepper

Click on cover to visit title on Amazon!


Feast or Famine:

A Banquet of Tales for the Zombie Prepper

Edited by

Eve Bellator & Rebecca Besser

with stories by

Sara Gray, Paul McConnell, Alan Dale,
Johnny Andrews, Rebecca Besser, Tony Monchinski,
Rich Restucci, Carl Fox, Jamal Luckett,
J. Cornell Michel, Dylan Worthey, R.J. Spears,
Kevin A. Harris, and Julianne Snow


Survivalists, preppers, people who have prepared to ensure their safety and continued existence in the event of a catastrophic disaster. But what happens when the SHTF? Really? The population will be divided by the have and have nots- those who were ready and prepared and those who are caught unaware and panicked. The struggle for available resources will be another catastrophic event in and of itself as humans fight to either defend and retain what they have established or to take what others had the foresight to store and prepare.

This is the end as we know it. For some, life and death hinges on acquiring basic human needs, while for others life is good, if not better in accordance with their due diligence.

The Zombie Apocalypse has arrived. Will it be feast or famine?

Halloween Blitz – Twisted Pathways by Rebecca Besser

Twisted Pathways of Murder & Death by Rebecca Besser is free on Kindle from Oct. 8-10th!


Click on cover to visit title on Amazon!


Twisted Pathways of Murder & Death


Rebecca Besser


When emotions go to extremes murder happens.

Sometimes it’s because of betrayal.

Sometimes it’s in revenge.

Sometimes it’s to hide a lie or in self-defense.

Sometimes it’s to feed a secret hunger.

Whatever the reason, the human mind lends itself to twisted pathways that lead to murder and death…


Author Rebecca Besser


Rebecca Besser is the author of “Undead Drive-Thru, Undead Regeneration, Cursed Bounty, Twisted Pathways of Murder & Death, Hall of Twelve,” and “Nurse Blood (Limitless Publishing).” She’s also a graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature. Her work has appeared in the Coshocton Tribune, Irish Story Playhouse, Spaceports & Spidersilk, joyful!, Soft Whispers, Illuminata, Common Threads, Golden Visions Magazine, Stories That Lift, Super Teacher Worksheets, Living Dead Press Presents Magazine (Iss. 1 & 2), FrightFest eMagazine, An Xmas Charity Ebook, The Stray Branch, and The Undead That Saved Christmas (Vol. 1 & 2) and the Signals From The Void charity anthologies. She has multiple stories in anthologies by Living Dead Press, Wicked East Press, Pill Hill Press, Hidden Thoughts Press, Knight Watch Press, Coscom Entertainment, Crowded Quarantine Publications, and Collaboration of the Dead (projects), and one (each) in an anthology by Post Mortem Press, NorGus Press, Evil Jester Press, Horrified Press, Atria Books (S&S Digital), and Nocturnal Press Publications. She also has a poem in an anthology by Naked Snake Press and a children’s poem in Oxford Ink Literature Reader 4 from Oxford University Press (India).

Her nonfiction children’s article about skydiving, written for her writing course with the Institute of Children’s Literature, was published by McGraw Hill for NY Assessments.

She’s also an editor and has edited: Dark Dreams: Tales of Terror, Dead Worlds 7: Undead Stories, and Book of Cannibals 2: The Hunger from Living Dead Press; Earth’s End from Wicked East Press; End of Days: An Apocalyptic Anthology (Vol. 4 & 5/co-edited) from Living Dead Press; and she co-edited Feast or Famine (a zombie anthology).


Copyright © Rebecca Besser 2019

Halloween Blitz – Deadsville by Dale Elster & T.D. Trask

Click on cover to visit title on Amazon!




T.D. Trask & Dale Elster

Welcome to Rock Creek, New York.
A one-stoplight town in the middle of nowhere, on the way to nowhere.
A town ruled by quiet, country boredom.
The locals have another name for it:
But not for the reason you think.
Rock Creek has a deadly secret. It’s a place where nothing is as it seems. Where killers walk amongst the townsfolk.

Where monsters are real.

Where old houses serve as something more than gateways to sprawling farm land.
It’s evil’s hometown.
So be prepared to stay.
You’re going to be a permanent resident.
Because even if you get out, you can never escape.

1 Town. 2 Authors. 13 Tales of Horror.

Deadsville is a collection of ALL NEW horror stories from authors T.D. Trask and Dale Elster, set in the fictional upstate town of Rock Creek. Consider these words your personal invitation to join them as they reveal the darkness lurking there, hidden within the people who walk its streets. Haunting the places daylight never finds.

Waiting for your arrival.


Author Dale Elster

Dale Elster is a dark fiction writer. He is the co-author of Deadsville, a short story anthology that’s seen high praise from reviewers and bloggers alike. His other stories and flash fiction pieces have appeared in several indie and small press anthologies, including I Can Taste the Blood (ebook edition) from Grey Matter Press and Shallow Waters, Volume 3 from Crystal Lake Publishing. All are available on Amazon.

He lives in upstate New York with his wife and two children, where he is currently writing Deadsville: Welcome Home as well as several other works-in-progress.


Copyright © Dale Elster & T.D. Trask 2019

Halloween Blitz – Win A Signed Copy of Zombies Inside!

Would you like to win a signed copy of Zombies Inside by Rebecca Besser, with a story from Guest Author Courtney Rene?

Visit Astra Daemon’s Lair and comment on the monster post!

Direct Link: https://astradaemon.blogspot.com/2019/10/FavoriteMonster.html?fbclid=IwAR1wjPdK1Z_xA0TswpiqN2uQeyY2Xhf5OWirlac4W-IHjRLsUNK4NLYiZpU

About Zombies Inside:

Click on cover to visit title on Amazon.

Zombies Inside

by Rebecca Besser

with Guest Author Courtney Rene


If zombies are what you crave, open the pages of this book for a wild ride!

The 12 zombie short stories within (equaling over 64,000 words) will make you cringe, delight your imagination, and possibly even warm your heart . . . so the undead can feast upon it!

Be brave and see if you can survive the Zombies Inside!


Author Rebecca Besser


Author Courtney Rene


Copyright © Rebecca Besser & Courtney Rene 2019

Halloween Blitz

It’s finally October, which means…Halloween (what I like to call Horror Christmas).

For all you Halloween and horror lovers out there, I’m once again hosting Halloween Blitz.

What is Halloween Blitz? Its a blog event I started last year where I share with you books, authors, and stories from the horror genre. There might even be a giveaway mixed in. 😉

I hope you’ll enjoy the posts and get into the Halloween Spirit with me by following along! You might just find a new author or book to love, or a short story that you can share with your friends to creep them out.

Welcome to Halloween Blitz!


Copyright © Rebecca Besser 2019