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Immortality by Rebecca Besser


By Rebecca Besser


Remember that fear of death I was talking about? What if you didn’t have to face it…ever? That’s the main draw of vampires (in my opinion). Who wouldn’t want to live forever? ME! But, there’s a catch… You have to kill to stay alive; it’s not an eternity for everyone.

To be a vampire, you have to be willing to truly leave humanity behind. You have to be willing to see humans as your food. They are no longer your family. They are no longer your friends. You will either kill them to get the sustenance you need, or they will die from being human over time. The only exemption to this fate would be if they were too turned into a vampire.

Although the allure of vampirism will always be there, because the idea of having all the time in the world to travel, learn, and explore will never grow undesirable. Everyone wants that free pass that keeps them from having to face death (death thing AGAIN!). But, in a way, they do have to face death. They watch generations pass away and new ones rise up (not to mention at every meal). I imagine it would be like having babies over and over again as you watch each generation try to learn and apply what the previous generation has mastered. That could get tedious.

Vampires were all the rage for a while, but not in their pure state. They were popular in a watered down version of “people friendly” vampires in literature/movies in the Twilight version.

This disgusted most people who had been fans of vampires forever (like me). Gone were the glory days of Blade, Interview with a Vampire, and From Dusk Till Dawn. Gone were the days where vampires were classy, killing death machines that didn’t apologize for being kickass!

Now, after the spotlight was pointed at the “soft” vampires, the popularity and demand for anything vampire has gone way down.

I, personally, would love to see a strong, true, violent uprising of something new in the vampire world. Unfortunately, that will be hard to pull off, especially since the horror creature of desire is now the zombie. And even zombies are being watered down into “people friendly” niceness.

©Rebecca Besser, 2015. All rights reserved.


What is Horror? by Rebecca Besser

What is Horror?

By Rebecca Besser


If you do some research on what horror is, you’ll discover horror is the revulsion one feels when something terrible happens. That it follows terror, which is the anxiety and anticipation of something bad about to happen.

“The difference between Terror and Horror is the difference between awful apprehension and sickening realization: between the smell of death and stumbling against a corpse.” – Devendra Varma in The Gothic Flame (1966).

There are many vehicles in which horror is found: film, literature, art, etc. All of which use a mixture of terror and horror elements.

When people hear the word horror, they generally think about creatures such as vampires, zombies, demons, and other monsters. They also think about blood, pain, misery, and torture – psychological horror. The common denominator in all horror is death.

Death is the most terrifying thing that anyone can face – either their own demise or of someone they care about. Often, even a stranger’s death, seen up close, can impact someone in ways they never dreamed possible; it forces them to face the fact that they will die someday and there is nothing they can do about it.

Death, and what leads to death, scares everyone in some way whether they realize it or not. That’s the base root of all horror. Terror is what we feel leading up to the death we know is coming and horror is what we face when we are toe to toe with death.

What form of death scares you the most? Chances are that’s the kind of horror you like to experience the most, because it gives you that thrill of terror and most satisfying horror moments as it all pans out.

©Rebecca Besser, 2015. All rights reserved.