Teaser: Jay Wilburn #WinterofZombie

Jay Wilburn’s Teaser for #WinterofZombie!


Dying Days

Dead Song Book 2 front cover

The Dead Song Legend Dodecology

Book 2: February from Vicksburg to Cherokee excerpt

by Jay Wilburn

They scrambled out from under the remains of the shack and ran through the gap created by the dead chasing them over the top where they used to be. Satch was carrying his sister trying to hold her throat, but he still nearly outran Tiny. Blood dripped into the pine straw behind them and Tiny heard the dead following.

“How far, Satch?”

“Down by the river. Keep going.”

As they crossed the road, a zombie with green smeared in its beard whirled on them. Satch ducked away and Tiny stabbed into its head. Brackish water gurgled out of the wound and the grimy creature collapsed to the road.

Another dove teeth first at Satch’s leg and he had no free hand. Tiny stabbed into the forehead and stopped the undead attack short. He ran…

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Teaser: Mike Evans #WinterofZombie

Mike Evans’ Teaser for #WinterofZombie!


Dying Days

zombies and chainsaws

Zombie and Chainsaws Teaser

By Mike Evans

Matt didn’t answer he just laughed as he walked away. Bill started to walk up the hill a little when a branch snapped. Bill screamed and shined his flashlight around. He didn’t see anything. When he heard the noise a second time he aimed the light and two black eyes stared back at him. He wasn’t sure what it was eating, but there was a possum sitting in the grass its head the only thing sticking up from the space. Bill clutched at his heart rubbing it. He said, “You are one lucky little bastard that I don’t have my piece on me or I’d blow your damn head off.”

A second crack went off and he laughed as he said, “Oh I ain’t getting scared all damn night long. If it’s another damn possum I’m going to get me some rebar out…

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Teaser: Larry Weiner #WinterofZombie

Larry Weiner’s Teaser for #WinterofZombie!


Dying Days


“Let the tide and sand take care of the blood. How many more vintage Turkish rugs can we afford?” The higher ups liked the idea. The weather in the Caribbean this time of year was ideal. There was an island’s worth of secluded beach on which to ask questions about ones’ education and work history. Then, if the candidate was a go, take the necessary action and welcome him to the club. Otherwise, hey, free meal with a view.

Tad Wingo was told he’d be meeting with the head of marketing on the beach. A nice stroll, maybe something to drink as they walked with pant legs rolled up, their bare feet sinking into the wet sand, the sun making its way toward setting. Tad was psyched. That showed class. Not some faceless conference room with bad art and someone’s coffee cup from the last meeting sitting on a faux…

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Teaser: Dunne Brothers #WinterofZombie

The Dunne Brothers’ Teaser for #WinterofZombie!


Dying Days


Tales of

The Nothing Man


Tale 1

The Lady

Michael killed himself two days ago. We lost Elliot a few weeks before that. Without his brother, I guess he figured it was all too hard, so he simply gave up. Too much pain, too much misery. I found him dangling after he threw in the towel and hung himself in the barn. I know it must have been hard for him to do, to leave me. I don’t blame him and I try not to hate him, but it is a bitter painful pill to swallow. After all, he was the man, I am the woman. Instinct drives a man to protect. Turbulent, crashing emotions threaten to drown me. Though, somehow, with feelings of pity and mercy, I hope to forgive him.

Elliot would be super pissed at him. All the effort he’d gone through to save us all…

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Teaser: Scott Lefebvre #WinterofZombie

Scott Lefebvre’s Teaser for #WinterofZombie!


Dying Days

The_End_Of_The_World_Cover_for_Kindle (1)

The Middle Of Nowhere by Scott Lefebvre

     Sean narrowed his eyes into what was almost a squint as the high thin clouds scuttled away from under the sun making the glare from the sun even brighter than it had been a moment before.   He was wearing cheap black plastic sunglasses over his prescription glasses mended at the corner with a bent and twisted staple where a tiny screw used to be.   The sunglasses were a luxury in these times when the world required one’s constant attention if one wanted to live until the sun went down.   Darkening one’s visual perspective with darkened lenses was dangerous, but the headache caused by eye stain from constantly squinting at the glare of the sun as it reflects off of the road and the flickering of the overgrown fields laid out as far as the horizon to either side of the road, as…

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Teaser: Edward P. Cardillo #WinterofZombie

Edward P. Cardillo’s Teaser for #WinterofZombie!


Dying Days


The Creeping Dead: A Zombie Novel

Edward P. Cardillo

August 21

“This is Mark Altman here on the Jersey Shore, in the small resort town of Smuggler’s Bay, in the midst of two strong weather fronts culminating in what is becoming Superstorm Rodney.”

The cameraman followed him up a wooden ramp. As the camera jostled around a bit, Mark Altman’s hat blew off his head, and his raincoat and hair flapped madly in the wind.

“As you can see, we are now up on the Smuggler’s Bay boardwalk, and—right behind me (the camera pans and zooms past Mark’s shoulder)—you can see the surf encroaching up the beach, practically to the boardwalk.”

The sky was a dark gray, and the clouds raced by as if something chased them. The ocean surged up the beach, the sand no longer visible under the churning surf.

“Pretty soon the water will be washing up…

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Teaser: Zach Bohannon #WinterofZombie

Zach Bohannon’s Teaser on #WinterofZombie!


Dying Days

empty bodies cover for real last no doubt

The following is an excerpt from “Empty Bodies” by Zach Bohannon

The sheer chaos in the plane was a horror he could’ve never imagined. Down the middle aisle, bodies lay both sprawled and stacked on top of each other. On some, arms waved from figures who were covered with the bodies of the assailants. The lights flashed on and off above Gabriel’s head and the captain was still working to calm down his passengers, apparently having no idea of the mutilation happening behind the comfort of the cockpit.

Then Gabriel heard a scream over the intercom, and the calming of the captain ceased to exist.

Frantic alarms suddenly sounded through the plane and Gabriel lost his balance, grabbing onto a nearby seat to keep himself upright.

In front of him, one of the creatures looked up from its prey and saw Gabriel. It hissed at him from one knee as…

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Teaser: Mikhail Lerma #WinterofZombie

Mikhail Lerma’s Teaser of #WinterofZombie!


Dying Days

Z Plan Series promo


He laid on the old beat up mattress on the floor, staring at the spot on the ceiling. It was dark brown, water maybe, or maybe even an old bloodstain. The curtains hanging in the window began to rustle. The breeze brought in the putrid smell of the crowds of undead wandering the streets outside, their moans never ceasing.

How did he get here? The past few weeks had been a nightmarish blur, running for his life from masses of undead cannibals. He’d had nightmares about this very thing since he was a child, ever since he had seen Return of the Living Dead. Those zombies couldn’t be killed. The ones in the Romero movies could be though; you just had to destroy their brains.

At least he was kind of prepared for this sort of thing. He chuckled to himself, “Who knew Romero would be so accurate? Can’t…

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Teaser: Duncan P. Bradshaw #WinterofZombie

Duncan P. Bradshaw’s Teaser for #WinterofZombie!


Dying Days



Nice watch huh?

No, it’s not broken, not at all. It’s meant to be like that; serves as a welcome reminder. The world we live in today holds so few certainties anymore; some things fade away, whilst others endure.

For instance, the memories I have of the times before the end are like a disjointed slide show, or a shoddily edited old 35mm film reel. You know, the ones we see with all the glorious conquests these days.

Random scenes with people I can no longer recall the names of, in places I couldn’t give you directions to. All existing in a world which lives solely in the stories that the survivors, us, tell.

I have but three images of my mother. Whether time or grief removed the others, I haven’t the slightest clue.

One is from my seventh birthday. I was crying for reasons unknown, she pulled in…

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Teaser: Rhonda Hopkins #WinterofZombie

Rhonda Hopkins’ Teaser for #WinterofZombie!


Dying Days

Survival - Rhonda Hopkins



When Sarah escapes from her brutal abductors, she promises to return to rescue her twin sister, but with the walking dead invading Fort Worth, TX, she is forced to rely on a competitive coworker who made her work life hell for years. With her coworker weakened by cancer treatments, her sister still imprisoned, and zombies looking for an easy meal, Sarah’s only plan, if she can pull it off, is Survival.


The women sat in the SUV not speaking. The only sounds came from outside, where the dead attacked the living. Car horns blared and screams filled the night. Try as they might, they couldn’t help but stare at the horror surrounding them. People fled cars stalled in traffic, trying to get in others, or into nearby buildings. Some outdistancing the zombies. Some not.

A woman’s body hit the side of their truck. Blood and gore…

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